Lloyd's Swiss Broker Association (LSBA)

The LSBA was founded in 1973 as an association in private law. The purpose of the association is to represent the interests of its members in relation to the authorities in Switzerland and Lloyd's of London as the insurance market. Companys which are authorised Lloyd's Brokers in Switzerland are entitled to join the LSBA.

The association organises a regular exchange of information with the General Agent of Lloyd's in Switzerland and Underwriters who are active in Switzerland. It keeps its members informed of legal and administrative changes to cooperation with the authorities or with Lloyd's of London. It also encourages the exchange of experience and cooperation between its members. If sufficient interest exists, it provides advanced training courses.

Through Lloyd's Brokers in Switzerland, companies, private individuals and insurance brokers gain access to the oldest but at the same time most innovative insurance market in the world. The internet site www.lsba.ch gives interested person an opportunity to search for Lloyd's Brokers and/or their services.

In principle, any authorised Lloyd's Broker in Switzerland can join the association. The following criteria must be met:

• The insurance brokerage business is conducted in Switzerland.
• The company is entered in the register of commerce.
• The member is a licensed Lloyd's Coverholder or Lloyd's Open Market
• Insurance business is the main or primary purpose of the company.

• Daniel Flügel, President LSBA (Paul Frank AG)
• Pierre-André Luder, Member of the Board (RMS Risk Management Service SA)
• Christian Andres, Member of the Board (UNIS AG)
• Thierry Chardonnens, Advisory Board
• Seline Zaugg, Administration (Paul Frank AG)

Daniel Flügel Pierre André Luder Andres Christian 150dpi 002 Thierry Chardonnens Seline

List of various members/person in charge who are keen to help you in case of general questions to the several class of insurances. 

Any amendments and/or suggestions to the list are very welcome. Please contact the secretary, Seline Zaugg (you can find her details under Contact)

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